Team Equity™

Data Privacy Policy

Our data privacy and protection policy, according to the latest EU GDPR.

The narratives approach is a powerful new way for feedback to be used in organisations, but important principles need to be in place for their use, to help protect respondents' anonymity and confidentiality....

Below are the key data privacy principles of the Team Equity™ default configuration (some client-specific design variations may be implemented, further detail below):

  • The invitations for feedback are sent via an anonyous link, and therefore the respondents cannot be identified.

  • All narratives are therefore contributed on an anonymous basis, and no contact information of the respondents (name, emai address etc.) are kept.

  • A moderator (typically from Human-Equity, depending on the languages) checks the narratives for any references that may inadvertently give the identity of the respondent away. 

  • Only when chosen by the respondent is their identity revealed to the feedback subject, via an invitation question in the survey asking whether they wish to share the narrative via email in order to create a dialogue with the leader. 

  • Only the individual leaders can consult the narratives on the results dashboard that concern them, via a personalised access password.

  • An option to see the overall patterns of the narratives for all leaders can be selected on the results dashboard (i.e. the dot plots - see the dashboard for descriptions), but without any of the narratives.

The default Team Equity™ leadership feedback design is where a group of leaders invite feedback narratives for their wider communitiy of colleagues. The same anonymous invitation link can be used as many times as the respondents wish, in the interest of giving regular feedback and providing diverse narratives about each leader in the varying contexts of everyday life. The respondent selects (from a drop-down list) which leader their narratives concerns.

Client variations for the feedback process might be a more closed 360 team feedback invitation (where colleagues give mutual feedback), through a managed invitation list or a general organisational feedback invitation through narratives (packaged in our Collective Navigator™ platform design). For the former the process can be chosen by the client Narratives are then stated in the instructions to the participants, should not to include named references to colleagues or themselves (since the narratives    

For those projects that do require the management of personal invitations (e.g. from an email list) further detail can be provided on request regarding the GDPR obligations on:

  1. What personal information we collect

  2. How we collect it

  3. What we use it for

  4. How we keep it secure

  5. Whether we share it with third parties

  6. Any controls users have over data that is stored

For any further enquiries on data privacy and security, please contact