Human Equity specialise in helping organisations make sense of their internal and external environments, make decisions, and facilitate conscious change.

Our services and technology solutions are informed by complexity thinking in seeing human organisations as Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS). A CAS is where independent agents (e.g., employees) collaborate based on a set of constraints (e.g., contracts). The agents are at the same time subject to the constraints of the organisation as well as influencers on those constraints:

  • Any observer or probing activity on a CAS influences the system through the very act of observing/probing.

  • The functioning of the system cannot be understood by isolated analysis of the parts - the system as a whole displays properties that are unique to the combining of the parts. 

In line with this thinking, we use sensemaking and other breakthrough natural language capture and analysis approaches to provide action-oriented insight.

We currently offer two solutions:

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