Portfolio Optimisation:
HR Selection + Performance

"Evaluation helps investors build a bridge between intuitive knowing and decision making. 'Blind spots' can be pointed out to highlight biases in investment decision making. Structured investigation of the symptoms and causes of executive performance incre ases the investor's scope of control."

Duncan Chapple

Human-Equity’s multi-disciplinary team of HR, psychology and turnaround experts, provide investors a dedicated solution for assessing and implementing organisational change: Delivering on the human side of strategy implementation. Being equipped with robust metrics for decision making in multi-cultural environments is a corner-stone of Human-Equity’s process. We select and integrate the best metrics available on the market

Benefits of Human-Equity’s Solution for Portfolio Performance:

Profiling Individuals and Roles

Human-Equity’s management assessment system incorporates the Lectical cognitive development assessment tool, developed at Stanford University with over 10,000 case interviews, and drawing on over 40 years of research into applied cognitive development of adults. Lectical is based on a “dynamic skill” scale, scoring the hierarchical complexity of an individual’s performance. The most popular metrics used in business today (e.g. psychometric and personality tests) have provided managers a way of supporting their interview assessments. However, the validity of such tests are rarely studied by the users themselves. Human-Equity works with highly established designers of assessment metrics, that have extensive validity controls and are adaptable to specific business contexts. Using such tools becomes more essential, the more complex the role.

Human-Equity’s assessments are administered following the principles are laid down by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to ensure best practice (validated competence of the tester, proper procedures and techniques, and protecting client welfare).

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