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"Leadership agility is a primary indicator of success. Employing tools that help uncover this 'intangible' factor is a common sense way to optimise the chances for success. Critically, it allows investors to set up the right leadership combinations. Human-Equityoffers a targeted combination of services to do this and to develop leadership agility in promising individuals. "

Martin Egan
Finance For Entrepreneurs
Finance for entrepreneurs is an associative think-tank for the research and publication of innovating concepts regarding the human element in venture capital and investment capital, it’s importance and its evaluation. Investors, entrepreneurs, independent experts and students, we all share the same conviction: the development of human capital is an essential element to venture success..
Developmental Testing LLC
The Lectical™ Assessment System has been designed and tested since 1993 as a developmental assessment system The system is based on Harvard Professor Kurt Fischer's Dynamic Skill Scale, and can be used to score the developmental level of any sample of reasoning in any area of knowledge. With this scoring system the hierarchical complexity of a performance can be determined, based on its logical structure. The tool can identify 12-13 distinct phases in the workplace, each of which has specific implications for performance. It has been extensively evaluated for its reliability and validity.
Integral Leadership Review
Integral Leadership Review is the world’s premier publication of integrated approaches to leadership. It serves leaders, professionals and academics engaged in the practice, development and theory of leadership. The Integral Leadership Review offers a comprehensive framework that provides insights and tools leaders can utilize to solve problems
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International Journal of Selection and Assessment
The International Journal of Selection and Assessment publishes original articles related to all aspects of personnel selection, staffing, and assessment in organizations. Using an effective combination of academic research with professional-led best practice, IJSA develops new knowledge and understanding in these important areas of work psychology and contemporary workforce management.
Journal of Behavioral Finance
The journal fosters debate among groups who have keen insights into the behavioral patterns of markets. It stimulates new interdisciplinary research and theory that will build a body of knowledge about the psychological influences on market fluctuations. The most obvious benefit is a new understanding of markets that can greatly improve investment decision making.